Trump will be with us at least until 2020
The Magical Thinking of the Anti-Trump Left
Andrew Leber

The way things are going, Trump is going to be here until 2024. He’s triangulated in a truly Clintonian fashion (speaking of Bill here), and managed to pit the extreme alt-left against the larger moderate democrat population, as well as middle 0f the road independents. The more hysterical the alt-left becomes, the harder it is for any grown ups in the democrat party to regain control, and come up with a plan that will rebuild their political influence.

In particular, the loss of credibility of the mainstream media can never be regained by attacking Trump — the MSM would have to do the unthinkable, and attack one of their liberal icons with the same sort of ferocity and tenaciousness as they’ve gone after Trump to prove their even-handedness. Having the New York Times take down the Clinton Global Initiative, or having CNN doing a deep dive expose on Al Gore’s Global Warming Swindle, might actually convince the moderate majority that they can be fair and balanced, but there is exactly 0% chance of that kind of hard hitting reporting from ever happening.

As it is, the best way to limit the damage Trump might do is to co-opt the things that he’s doing that resonate with the public. This means having a hard line on immigration, even if it isn’t as hard as his proposals. This means pushing for deregulation, even if it isn’t as much deregulation as he’s pushing. This means sacrificing the extreme alt-left, and their self-destructive identity and victimhood politics, and making the case for “sensible liberalism” in the same way Bush 2 worked on “compassionate conservatism”.

The current moment is an existential crisis for the democrat party, and they’re only going to be able to move back to the middle if they give up their extremism.

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