The primary way that an American aggregates wealth over time is equity in real estate, aka their home.
No, but there’s a lot more going on here than just health insurance.
Kady M.

This always seemed problematic to me. We want increased wealth (higher home prices), but we also want affordable housing (lower home prices). There are two irreconcilable drivers here.

Of course, this kind of dichotomy would exist in any wealth generating concept (say, higher share prices vs. affordable shares), and it seems almost inevitable that it would finally break down into either a huge wealth disparity between rich and poor, or a massive loss of wealth across the board.

Just thinking out loud, this smells a bit like a rationale for a regular boom and bust cycle, so that both sides of the equation “get their chance”, avoiding a total concentration of wealth on the one hand, and a total lack of wealth on the other, over time.