Why I Left the Right: How Studying Religion Made Me a Liberal
Susie Meister


Not that I’m religious at all (most would consider me a bad Catholic, baptised, but unbelieving), but I’ve read just about all the holy books out there, and I don’t ever recall Jesus suggesting, as many Democrats and big government proponents do, that we should use the threat of government force to champion the poor, the weak, the meek, and the downtrodden. I mean, I get it, the Scripture is something that anyone can take and try to find themselves or their preferred point of view in it, but I’m not sure if dropping the bigotry that some evangelicals hold turns one into a default Democrat.

Maybe Try Freedom?

Not to deny the obviously important self-discovery you went through, but, thank you very much, I support LGB freedoms (Ts deserve sympathy for their plight, I’m very concerned about the efficacy of current treatment for them), I fully believe in equality of treatment between women and men (although not equality of outcome, since freedom means choices), and while I’m happy to voluntarily give to charitable causes, I don’t believe the government has any right to pull money out of my pocket and hand it to someone else (forced charity isn’t charity). It seems you leapt from one authoritarian structure, and found another comfortable authoritarian structure, with different specifics, but the same general approach.


Now, you reference the “political right”, and I think maybe you’re stuck on the top of this chart — I welcome you to consider visiting the lower right quadrant :):

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