I think comparing it with a terrorist with his finger on a detonator is a bit of a stretch to put it mildly.
I agree that the self defence argument is a valid one.
Svetlana Voreskova

Yeah, that comparison is only to establish that we already have legal, sanctioned, and regrettable killing. You and I may disagree on how to weigh the competing interests, but I think conceding that zygotes are human, and that sometimes, even though regrettable, homicide is the lesser of two evils, we open the door to more useful conversations:

  1. How do we reduce unwanted pregnancies?
  2. How do we support those people with unexpected pregnancies (without discouraging forming stable two-parent families)?
  3. What reasonable restrictions can we agree upon for abortion in general, while still protecting the rights of people to make the regrettable decision to terminate a pregnancy?

None of these conversations is black and white, and if we could move the debate onto those areas, we would be mostly working the problem behind the problem — how do you avoid having to decide between the lesser of two evils?

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