Step 1: Start the year without a job, single, almost completely broke and battling a severely bout of depression. It will set a good standard for the year to come.

Step 2: Apply for a teaching job you feel unqualified for. Get the job. Learn as you go.

Step 3…

At roughly this time last year, I was getting ready to go see the film ‘Logan’, the much-anticipated conclusion to Hugh Jackman’s reign as Wolverine. From everything I had heard, it was a fantastically made film an emotional powerhouse. …

Alone I sit, alone I die
As the winter months roll slowly by
Forcing pain deep inside
So I can feel but something

I watch the world change, I watch it wilt
As I ponder my own forgotten guilt
For taking time as something still
And yet it changes nothing

To act to harsh, to act so rash
To not act on such a simple task
And to myself I must ask
What future can this bring

So I seek refuge within my sleep
Hearing things that cannot speak
And feeding that which makes me weep
To the feeling I do cling

But as snow comes, snow must go
This life I know, I keep below
Because I have it in myself to grow
Come this modest spring

The third goodbye is the hardest.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the first two are tough, but that third goodbye — that’s the one that really hurts. That’s the one that digs into your soul and rips away at your very being until there is nothing left except for the…

A look back at the entire production process of my 2014 short film.


As with most things, it started with an idea. Actually, it started with an event — she left. The girl I was in love with just up and moved to another city and I was in emotional…

The numbness in my arms was the first indication something was wrong.

Throughout my life I’d find myself sleeping on my stomach, arms tucked under my body for warmth — something I no doubt learned in the Canadian winters when I was too lazy to get another blanket — but…

Jeremy Klassen

Professional Progress Bar Watcher

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