Let’s be friends !!! No, Like for reals….

I’m always super curious (especially nowadays) with so many of us always hustling; which types of music keep us motivated during the day? What kind of stuff do you guys listen to at night to wind you down? Or do you just try to go completely screen free? Podcasts? Playlists? Let’s be friends and share our music taste!! I’m always super happy to discover new music, especially through other people. These have been my top five for probably about the past 3 months.

  • Lights And Motion (Any album is actually like all you can eat sushi for your ears.) 🍣
  • City And Colour, If I should go before you.
  • Jimmy Eat World, Integrity Blues.
  • Random Forest, Hibernation
  • The Echelon Effect, Seasons Part 1

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The cool thing about music is no one can take music away from you. -Darren Cross