Ideal Sunday

French toast breakfast

Get ready for a boys hike

Pack up some snacks and a book

Head down to the village, pass a yard sale

Pick out a soccer ball at Montclair sports and throw it in the back pack

Stock up on bubbles at the toy house

Walk through the farmers market on the way to the trail

Check out the hordeum, chamomile and french broom

Find fennel by the bridge

Throw clouds of eucalyptus saw dust

Find some sort of mountain lion hairball on the hill down to shepherd canyon

Say hi to the fire trucks

Check out the poppy hats

Get to the field and test out the new ball. Works.

Learn how to dribble, pass and shoot. Repeat.

Have a snack and some juice.

Head up the trail to check out the benches.

Find a cool spider and bunch of rolly pollies.

Walk by the rope swing and over the bridge, up the new stairs

Climd the switchbacks up to the secret bench

Keep going up the hill, climb over the fallen tree

Get to the top of the hill and the bench with a view

Orion explores the trailhead on his own

Have more snacks of crackers, salami, cheese and apples

Head down the hill, climb back over the tree and the around it further down the hill

Go through the tree tunnels

Pick some bay leaves for mama and Denali

Get back to the field

Watch the model airplane fly

Practice shots on goal

Blow bubbles

More snacks and juice

Mama and Denali drive up!

Grab some water at the fire house

Say hi to the ladies

Climb up the hill, check out the fly covered hairbAll again

Throw some more sawdust

Run across the little bridge a few times

Orion spots a caterpillar Coming down from a tree

We make sure it gets down safely and check it out

Walk a little further and find another one coming down

Take a little break by the tunnel

Walk to the Lucky and grab some Popsicles, coffee and chocolate flavor

Walk back to our street, where Orion becomes gutter-boy

Get home, have frozen banana

Take nap

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