This is a load of pointless, self-aggrandising horseshit.
Trap Ezium

Clearly the problem started with Warren being given the wrong envelope and was made worse when the accountant ran off to take a picture of Emma Stone and post it to Twitter rather than being there to catch the mistake and follow the procedures for an error. But the point of the article is that good typography can help to rescue a botched situation like this. Clearly all the correct information was there — but it was not presented in a way that made it easy for the presenters to catch the mistake. I don’t think the author is saying that the cards were the primary error — but they were poorly designed and exacerbated an already fracked up situation.

I actually think that there was evidence of this poor design throughout the night. Several presenters seemed unsure of whether to read the movie title or the names. With clearer typography the cards could have more easily lead the readers to the key information.

Finally, Warren and Faye were sharp cookies in their day, but that day has passed. Anyone who has seen their parents age and lose some of their confidence in handling spur of the moment decisions had their heart go out to these two outstanding actors on Sunday night.

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