How do objects in the scene look and behave


The available position for an object…

The elements that make up a scene


When you create a 2D object, you’ll need to upload one or more image files (jpg or png format).


When you create a 3D object, you can either upload a 3D model file (fbx or obj format), or you can search for a sample asset.

How we set up your AR experience

Table Top

A table top experience…

  • can be placed on any horizontal surface
  • its size is scaled to match…

A quick intro to wiarframe and the core features

Your Home Page

When you log in to wiarframe, you’ll be directed to your personalised home page. This page is public, and so can…

What is a wiarframe?

A wiarframe is our name for an Interactive AR prototype. It’s a double play on words, both wireframe (a low fidelity product design used in UX) and wireframe (the outline only version of a 3D model).

Jeremiah Alexander

Founder @wiARframe — the design and prototyping platform for Augmented Reality.

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