How to Go All In All The Time on Everything

Jeremiah Buffalo
Jan 25, 2018 · 2 min read

With my MAX THAT SHIT platform, there’s one simple rule: MAX everything everywhere at all times.

This requires one crucial skill. The MAX THAT SHIT platform requires you to make a simple decision to go ALL IN all the time on everything. It’s intense. And it requires dedicated effort. You need to be alert and aware at all times of all competing forces.

And if anything gets in your way, either ignore it, address it, or remove it.

If someone invites you to a meeting, decline it.

If someone sends you an email, delete it.

And if somebody stops by your office for a friendly chat, shut the fucking door.

Because there’s no time to be polite when you’re maxing that shit. There’s one thing on your agenda and that is to maximize everything everywhere at all times. You need to make your list of action items, keep your head down, and work your ass off.

If you allow any distractions into your daily life, you’re basically saying that your list of action items isn’t as important as somebody else’s agenda.

But I know what you’re thinking… you’re thinking “Mr. Buffalo, but but but I have a boss. And I have other people who rely on me.”

Well you said it right there mi amigo. The reason you have a boss is because you allow yourself to take other people’s shit and let OTHER PEOPLE set YOUR agenda. What kind of bullshit is that?

To truly live, to truly be free, you need to make your own map. Make the list of things YOU want to achieve and then fight like hell to get them done.

Anything else is living a lie.

Hang in there. It’s rough out there. But you’ll get there.


Jeremiah Buffalo

Jeremiah Buffalo

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