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The VA is still defending the status quo

Last week, the VA doubled down on defending its broken status quo. VA Secretary Bob McDonald sat in front of a House Veterans Affairs Committee hearing and attempted to beat back the flood of evidence suggesting that his department needs a “system-wide reworking.”

The premise of the hearing was to review and discuss an Independent assessment of the VA that highlighted, among other things, a “leadership crisis” and a need for wider reform. The assessment was commissioned by Congress a year ago, and consists of healthcare experts from around the country. However, despite their expertise, Secretary McDonald disputed the conclusions of the report and instead argued that many of the fixes had already been made, and that to fix the rest he simply needs more money.

If you’ve followed the VA scandal at all, you know the problems plaguing this agency are not due to it being underfunded. Poor management, blatant corruption and a culture of fear and silence that punishes whistleblowers are all culture issues. There simply is no accountability — and the VA refuses to own up to it.

Clearly the VA isn’t going to fix itself. If you’re like us and are sick of the status quo, and are ready to do something about it, then join us!

For our veterans,

Jeremiah D. Martin
Concerned Veterans for America
Ohio Deputy State Director

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