Making a low budget, yet highly successful Kickstarter video

How to create a high-quality crowdfunding video on a budget

Jeremiah Warren
3 min readDec 5, 2017

Branden Harvey is a storyteller focused on the good in the world. In addition to being the host of podcast Sounds Good, he’s helped brands like Disney, Square, Southwest Airlines, and (RED) tell meaningful stories with heart all over the world. In the spring of 2017, he had the idea to create a printed newspaper full of good news, as a response to all the negative news and tragic events of 2016.

I worked with Branden to direct a Kickstarter video to raise funds for his newspaper project. Because everything was being funded through crowdfunding, the budget for the video was pretty small. But I still wanted to make something creative and unique. Branden and I went back and forth on a couple of ideas, and I finally narrowed the concept down to a splash of color in front of a black and white newspaper background. Below are some images from the final set design mood board.

Finding enough newspapers ended up being a bigger challenge than I anticipated, but I was eventually able to source a free weekly newspaper that was printed in black and white. The blue background was a $30 roll of seamless paper propped up against a wooden frame that was already in the studio. The only cost of the set construction was the studio rental fee and the $35 paper backdrop. Judson Collier was designing the newspaper, so he also helped art direct the colors of the backdrop and the outfit that Branden wore.

In addition to the main video, I also created photo and GIF assets that could be used for social media, a press kit, and the Kickstarter page.


We had a considerable amount of social media buzz after the release. Popular clothing brand Everlane Tweeted about the project, along with Bono’s non-profit (RED). Both Elite Daily and NowThisNews created a social Facebook video about the project. Kickstarter even featured it on their website and Facebook page.

The campaign had an initial fundraising goal of $26,500. We more than doubled our fundraising with a total of $55,836 in funds raised.

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