Perhaps when we no longer have class together

You’ll feel better

Once you write me that letter

I know I’ll never forget her

Cigarettes and regrets

Lead to more weed and even deeper needs

Perhaps you’ll love me when

We no longer have class together

But you’re so distracted

I could’ve




Had I known

How does it feel?

Sitting at home so alone

Feeling your bones

Ache and bend

As your heart breaks

And never mends

Fuck being friends

They always come to an end

Or become pretend

And then I’m left

Wondering what’s next

Perhaps, perhaps

You’ll text me?

If only you weren’t so distracted

Distracted by all the guys

Who write you lies in pretty poetic proses

Feeding you lines while in long lunch lines

Love and life mean nothing

If being wrong is so right

I’ll never forget the notes you wrote

While broke and you choked on the same

Smoke that now leaves my throat

I just don’t know

Perhaps I’m the one who’s truly distracted

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