Fiction Stories Were So Fulfilling

I didn’t think it was possible for you to hurt

You’re at a loss for words, impossible

Do I love you? It’s probable

I just wish you knew

Hurts Me Too

Describes my feelings tonight

Not even Kendrick Lamar can make it Alright

I don’t even remember what life was like

Running miles

Supposedly just to be so wild

Is it too bold to claim your own?

That didn’t make sense

Like those Cap n Jazz lyrics

As if you ever listened to anything I tell you to

Supposedly you’ll be better off without me

I guess the past few years were all a dream

I still remember those parties you never wanted to go to, telling my friends off

As if you ever read anything I wrote

Coughing out my lungs, smoking yellowing my tongue, I guess this is fun?

It was once, but I’ve had enough

Please call my bluff

I know I’ve said these things before

But I’ll be a poor man

Before I let you stand alone

Boys don’t cry

But I was never a boy, like I was never yours

What is this?

What are we?

Just meat sacks staring at the tv

Waiting for you to leave so I can believe everything you’ve never told me

Oh well

The Mellowells could break up and I’d still blame you

What was I supposed to do?

I truly am the fool

Please listen to more Tool

I’m too gone on weed that all belonged to you

I’m so unreliable

But you’re so undeniable

Now denial sneaks in and I’m feeling a secret needing to return to the places where we burned

For nights on end, I’m just the friend of a friend

And it hurts like when we first began

So much for Dan Schramm

I’d like to be the bigger man

But perhaps I’ll just stay standing

As the fan blows away the vape smoke

My worn out vans couldn’t even began to explain the pain you caused as if I was just another loss

The Mellowells could still break up and I’d blame you

Because it’s the only thing I have left to do

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