Italy was Fine

How have you been?

Italy was a whirlwind

You shouldn’t have

I don’t deserve this

You didn’t know what you wanted to do

And so I left and Italy was my escape route

I hope you’ve been doing great

But just know this isn’t a break

There isn’t a moment that goes by

Where I don’t think

About what could have been

And what was,

We’re so full of sin

I heard you’re living in Lancaster

I’ve heard you’ve never been worse

Life is of curses

Tell me is the pain worth it?

Respect my art and ambitions

Do you really think you’ll pay off tuition

By being a musician?

Yes it was my decision

To remain friends

Maybe I’ll see you around the city again

I’ve learned to move on

And I hope the best for you

In everything you do

I’ll never forget LVC

Or the time where we

Or that time you couldn’t see

What was right in front of your nose

And now we’ll never know

What you were masking

I hope Lancaster has treated you well

Italy was simply swell

Thanks for asking

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