Last Night at Caden’s

The whole time I was hitting the bong

I thought about all that I had done wrong

Thought about how it’s been so long

Since I’ve seen you last

So I sent you a message

Expressing my regretfulness

Isn’t this the best thing?

Laughing out loud at how ridiculous you sound

Trying to justify why you’re not around

The truth is I’d rather be buried in the ground

Than have to face you all by myself

This whole time you’ve been on the top shelf

How much of a fool I was

To place you on a pedestal

Even though you were the best thing to ever happen to me

I must find strength and move on

I dwell on this as I hit the bong again

Why won’t you accept me for what I am?

More than simply your friend

There is meaning in this coming to an end

Fuck I’ve been holding it too long

The cherry’s gone

All of this matters too much to me to just expel it in one breath

But to be honestly honest, you’re all I have left

What is rest?

When all I can think about while I’m in bed

Is having you lay next to me instead

Clouds fill the room like clouds fill the town

But I can’t worry about that now

While I’m at Caden’s house

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