Sunflower Out of the Weeds

I’ve become my own person

I saw your new album

And I tried not listen

I don’t care about whether or not

You could play golf

I just wanted to talk

I was lost

Lost but then I found

What I was missing that whole time you were around

Annville is such a small town

And it was killing me

I’ve grown so much

But you already know that

I thought maybe of taking you back

Last fall

But that’s all gone

Like my love for you

I’m trying to clean up the mess we both made

I know you’re drowning

From the rain in your head

And I’m just laying in bed

Trying to figure out why you liked how I was so red

Perhaps I’m going insane

I just don’t need what I used to

I’m a sunflower surrounded by everyone

But you

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