Texting Me Back

I’m not asking for one every minute

I just want you to make a decision

This is the definition of my business

You’re exactly as I envisioned

I haven’t even began to hint this

But I love just drinking to you

While you’re not even thinking of me

Am I that deep?

Both metaphorically and desperately

I’ll be surprised if you even recognize

What this is about

I know you have your doubts

I guess we’ll just have to figure those out

You’re so obsessed

With how I’ve decided to remain depressed

All because you won’t text me back

I know once you read this you’ll laugh

Tell me about that one philosophy class

You had last fall

And how you’d love for me to just call

I’ll let these feelings manifest

As you finally text me back

I can’t help crack a smile

As you text me back for the first time in awhile

All I need is one chance

As you dance around my questions

And affections

Give me a direction

There isn’t any second guessing

Or regretting

I’m just confessing

I just want you

Ignore me if I become upsetting

I just thought maybe you’d want me too

You’re so Brand New

Excuse the excuse

I’m just stuck listening to Summerbruise

Thinking about anything to do with you

I’m just the same as I’ve always been

Although I’m brand new to you

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