Wasted Lines

I’m just super depressed

And I’m a fucking mess

Because every time I text you

I feel obsessed and desperate

I just want your affection

Most importantly, your attention

I’ve run out of second guesses

Don’t you see what we’re making?

I’m yours for the taking

So please just take me

I’m tired of being thrown to the side

Tell me what is wrong and what is right

I’m tired of living this life

Without someone for me to believe in

I believe in you

I just need you to believe in me

Now I’m stuck here staring into space

Wondering what it’ll take,

To make you mine

I’m tired of wasting time

I’m tired of wasted lines

Why can’t you just admit that

You’re perfect,

What is my purpose?

I just want for you to see me like I see you

Don’t act like we’re nothing

You’re more than something

You’re everything

And I have nothing to bring

Please just take me

Form, mold, shape, make me

Into something you’ll crave

I just want your touch

Am I not enough?

I need more than luck

I need you

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