You’re so Emo Now

How is it you’ve become more beautiful

From blonde to chocolate brown

How long have you’ve known?

For so long you’ve been waiting to be found

Went from golden yellow to a deep brown

You’re so emo now

You’re so emo now

It’s ridiculous

As I wonder what it’d be like to kiss your lips

Perhaps I shouldn’t have said that

You relax as you stumble across the street

You’re so emo now

You should feel free

You’re a sunken treasure

With no need for humanly pleasures

Cast aside by societal measures

The color of your hair is the color of my eyes

So brown to be black would be like night

Your hair reminds me even more of sunlight

Or the brightness of my screen

Every time I see what you don’t see

Oh I long for you to know

Secrets aren’t secrets until you’ve spoke

So brown like the twilight

You’re so emo now

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