Up And Onward We Conquer The Castle

Hello friends. See that? That was the view from my room during my stay at Ondrej and Klara’s place. It was really nice and Ondrej really took time to provide us with local knowledge. Book his place here when you are thinking of going to Prague. Places like these make me love Airbnb!

I took the liberty to take some marketing shots for @cheesescape and also just to document a lovely place in all.

That was not a paid advertorial, I am no influencer. Just wanted to do a shout out to Ondrej for the lovely place he built and is sharing with the world.

I am on something like Day 20 of my trip and I am blogging about Day 5. Why? It is not because I am busier than I’ve been the past few weeks. Its the same, we’re always running from place to place with days packed full of activities. I think age and sleep debt has caught up with me and I find it harder and harder to get up early, even though I’m on holiday.

On our 2nd full day in Prague we decided to catch the sights that we could not do because Mirin’s condition the previous day was not optimal. We started with a nice breakfast at Cafe Savoy as it was on the way to the Prague Castle where we were heading.

Food tastes better when there’s great service and ambience.

We had a Savoy breakfast and a French breakfast. Everything was really nice and the standout dish was definitely the french toast topped with a fresh apple salad. You can see from the shots that the decor was ace and I’ll tell you now that the service was great too.

Breakfast a la Savoy — I haven’t had such a good breakfast since then.
Hot chocolate was fab and see that little triangle in the right picture? That french toast was so good!

After breakfast we made our way slowly and towards the Prague Castle and we decided to check off the Lennon Wall seeing that it was between us and the castle.

M looking chirpy with the graffiti — It doesn’t last long

We also walked past Charles Bridge as we didn’t see it from Castle-side and we found some students sketching. The Charles Bridge is the most beautiful bridge I’ve seen in Europe so far, even over the Rialto Bridge in Venice. It’s probably due to the length and the history of it. I read that it was the only reliable crossing for the Vltava River back in the day. Props to the Bohemians!

Charles Bridge and its admirers. Best bridge I’ve seen in Europe so far.

Next we started our ascend to the Castle, but before that another pretty scene from Prague.

Pretty scene from Prague.

We started from the bottom of the hill and made our ascent. We almost died when we got to the top. I blame the few towers that we’ve had to climb before this climb!

Everyone was probably heading to the castle — PIcture shot near the St Nicholas’ Church.
At first you cheer when you’re in a nice spot then you fall into depression because of the number of steps left to the top.

When we finally made it we were greeted with the familiar Starbucks mermaid. I was told that it was the world’s most beautiful Starbucks Coffeeshop and I think it could be. I haven’t been to one with a better view.

View from the Prague Castle Starbucks.
Coffee with a view to kill.

I’ll wrap this up here because as usual, sleep beckons. In the next post I will show you pictures of what I saw in the castle and other fun stuff like the few hundred year old market. Catch you later my friends!

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