Months ago, Keith Peters, instructor of the excellent JavaScript course for our free online school Aquent Gymnasium, was available to do a new Gym Short (one of our hour-long courses) for us. Now, Keith is a pretty sharp guy and could have taught a course on any number of subjects, but when I proposed the topic of “Chrome Developer Tools” and he agreed, I couldn’t have been happier.

Every web browser these days has a set of built-in developer tools which allows anyone to interact with the code of a web page or web application. These tools are used to…

A tutorial designed to whet your appetite

CSS Grid Layout is a recent addition to the web designer’s “toolbox” that allows us to design web pages in new, interesting, and powerful ways. This article is primarily aimed toward web designers/developers who have had little to no experience with Grid Layout. Many of the articles I’ve seen on the subject tend to move on a bit too quickly into intermediate and advanced concepts. I’ll be covering why we need this new system, how to get started, and toward the end I’ll offer some advice on how (and when) we can use it safely in production.

I’ll also share…

This tutorial will walk you through how to create a logo from start to finish. It will probably take you between 20-30 minutes to complete depending on your prior experience in Sketch and/or other creative applications. To follow along, feel free to download the image file here. If you’re looking for a tutorial on how to create prototypes in Sketch, check out my free course over on Aquent Gymnasium.

I highly recommend using the latest version of Sketch, which at the time of this article is version 52.3. If you have earlier versions, it will probably work fine, but there…

Responsive Web Design fits the bill

Do you advertise on the web or know someone who does? When it comes to mobile ads, you may be wasting your money if a responsive website is not part of the equation. (If you don’t know what responsive design is at this point, I’ve got you covered, I conveniently teach an online course on the subject.) Let’s begin with a well known fact: More people are accessing the web on cell phones and tablets than ever before, AND the rate of increase from year to year is downright staggering, especially for phones. There is nearly one mobile-cell subscription for…

As gleaned from the Artifact Conference

In November 2013 I attended the Artifact Conference in Providence, RI for two days. The conference was adeptly organized by Jennifer Robbins (@jenville) and Christopher Schmitt (@teleject) and billed as a conference for “DESIGNERS who are adapting to the challenge of designing for a MULTI-DEVICE world”.

Like all great conferences, I came away energized and inspired with all of the great discussions and ideas that were bouncing around, but also with a small sense of relief as I watched a number of speakers confirm thoughts, trends and processes that I have been observing recently. …

Jeremy Osborn

Designer, educator, writer. Not always in that order. Academic Director of Aquent Gymnasium.

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