(16th march, 2017)

what i learned in 2016:

  • it’s vital to upkeep my mental health meticulously, lest i become unstable like i used to be
  • if my eyes could talk, they’d say that they’ve gotten much too wet over crap that ended up teaching or saving me anyway
  • if my skin could tell me things, it’d whisper ‘i am a blanket sheltering your soul; and though i am worn and tattered, at least i am adorned by graffiti & prayer-stained kisses from your ancestors. they made sure i was the color of almonds. i was stitched by them to keep you warm.’
  • love cannot be taken; only given
  • even if romance is unattainable, love is still a beautiful thing to behold when it is truly pure and unconditional (romantic or not)
  • my cousin can’t hold his liquor as much as he thought he could
  • 1 in every 3 black males ends up going to jail/prison. my siblings and i equal 4 black males. statistically, i will one day hug one of my brothers through iron bars from within or from outside of them
  • frank ocean still got it
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