What if Material Design also had guidelines for widget experience.

Android screen with examples of widgets available on the side
Android screen with examples of widgets available on the side

Widgets are a small application interface that a user can choose to implement on the home screen of its phone. They were introduced in 2008 by google and reached their peak popularity around 2017 with Android Oreo.
For the user, it represents a way to customize their phone experience and gain quick access to what matters most to them. For app developers widgets offer a way to create an entry point into your app or even be part of the selling features you can offer.

Widget on android have decreased in popularity and at the moment are seen as developers…

By now you probably read countless comparison, this ain’t really one.

We like to compare the difference between various design programs and debate about which one is the most powerful. But we often forget to reflect on how using one of these tools is impacting our product. A powerful artist would say that he can create on any medium and while it is true someone like da Vinci didn’t seem to have had problems switching from science drawings to the Chapelle Sistine his process and his final result are completely different by nature.

As designers, we rely heavily on our tools to produce what we want them to do but we…

Story of a designer trying to code animations instead of asking a dev to figure it out.

Coded animations are the future of Webdesign

Because we have access to great tools like Principle, After effect, and others, we tend to imagine and make animations as gifs or videos.
They are great because we have visual control over them.

The challenge of Webdesign and web-based applications is that we need the content to be lightweight to get a faster loading.

Just like we started to convert our static illustrations into SVG code we can convert our gifs into SVG code! And this saves a tremendous amount of space.

How to make candy customization a fun game with a purchase at the end.

Uhmmmm… project demo

This is my final student project and I start with half of the normal time because I previously failed my research process. (see link)

My mentors assign me to a new mission:
Create a candy customization experience for a candy maker and also sell Piñata for their birthday…

Papabubble is a premium handcrafted candy maker

Warning: Research f**cked-up story ahead

The 4 projects I could have made.


When I was asked, what I would want to do for the final project of my UX Bootcamp. Doing something about Saving and Investing money was a natural subject for me. I grew up doing a business school with a strong emphasis on finance. I know the basics of asset management, how the stock market works, I have read books about the different type of financial product available for consumer and I have heard around me that people are actually looking for information in regards of their savings. …

My tricks to write something that works with HTML, CSS & Javascript.

It’s a cold evening in Amsterdam and our class is informed that our last project is going to be about coding. I know that I have some sort of background but I get kind of afraid, as means coding for me “stuff that doesn’t work”.

However, coding follows a process and surely there is a way to make it work.

Why do designers need to know how to code?

Design is not enough

Most of the time we create awesome looking designs and new innovative features. It’s easy when we focus on the user to create something unique.

The problems come once we need to build it. …

Helping runners to meet the race requirement and offer training advice before the event.

Home and Runner page Before the event

The Grand Raid is the most important race of the Reunion Island.

How to have an interesting documentary in a world where people don’t read.

We start a new 2.5-weeks project for Ironhack Amsterdam with the challenge of developing a digital magazine. I worked on this project with my teammate Luka Androcec.

Our persona for this project is someone interested in business news, read books and enjoy challenges. We conducted some ground research to find out that yes, people still read paper magazines, news & books.

But in 2020, nobody reads online anymore… All the online news content around us is turning into a short not interesting text with a clickbaity title…

Improving the platform content and creators post-management.

A little 2.5 weeks project with Ironhack to build a new feature following a design system. My mission was to improve the Instagram mobile experience and help tackle some of the limitations the platform has today by introducing a scheduling feature.

Benefits of scheduling

Scheduling for a social network is the opportunity to create content at a certain time and release it at another. If we combine it with forecasting analytics, it’s the opportunity to create a customized flow of content for defined audiences.

For Instagram

A project developing the activity of Blue Bird yoga in Amsterdam.

I embark on this project with my Ironhack Amsterdam team of Natalia and Shelly Benson. Our team was tasked with a time constraint of 2.5 weeks to deliver an online solution to promote yoga online for our client, Bluebirds Yoga in Amsterdam.

The vision of the client.


Visual UX/UI Designer in Amsterdam • jeremie.roberrini.com

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