This is my first experience of international Hackathon. It first began when Loganaden Velvindron(Logan for short, the co-founder of called me on 07/07/18 and asked if i was interested to stay over at a villa in Pte au piment to work on inter-operability and i was not aware that this was a Hackathon and who would be my team. Then on the 12/07/18 i arrive there around 11am, i was introduced to my team and Logan told us on what we will work on; a team of 4 persons namely Nathan Mangar, Avishai Poorun, Jagveer Loky(which was absent on the first day), Kifah Meeran and myself, Jeremie Daniel on inter-operability, a team on of 2 persons namely Rahul Golam and Nigel Yong on NRPE, Logan on curl middlebox mode, Nitin Mutkawoa on PHP7, Veegish Ramdani on HTTP 451 drupal module and Muzaffar Auhammud on httperf Socat. After that i started working on Openssl, Boringssl, Wolfssl, Tlslite-ng testing TLS1.3 on each with different handshakes such as full handshakes, resumption, ORTT and HRR but unfortunately we could not finish within the time frame. Firstly with Openssl we had to download and configure it did not take much time so on the first day night we finished doing full handshake, resumption and ORTT. Nitin and logan bought pizza and other food on this day. At first i thought that it would only be working, working and working but beside of work we started creating bonds. Then on the next day(13/07/18), in the morning we walked a little bit and went in the villa’s pool so that to fully wake ourselves up and then we continued on working that time on Boringssl and simultaneously Logan and Nitin went searching for loky. Then he arrived and we(the inter-operability team) had to introduced him what to do and he started on Wolfssl which took him one day to install and configure and by that time Kifah, Nathan and myself already did Boringssl full handshake, resumption and ORTT then i started working Tlslite-ng, Kifah on Gnutls, Nathan on mbedtls which both Gnutls and mbedtls did not support Tls1.3 which had to be abandoned thus Kifah helped Loky to work on Wolfssl and Nathan helped me for Tlslite-ng which i only did full handshake that day. I remember that on the second day night Nathan got stucked in the bathroom but luckily he had his phone with him in the bathroom and he took the phone’s slid and opened the door. Before this whole bathroom thing Nigel, Loky, Nathan and myself went into the pool which at night was very freezing. By the way food was great that day too thanks to Nitin and Logan for buying it. The next day(14/07/18), as we woke up we walked for a bit then in the villa we continued working, we helped Loky and Kifah to get Wolfssl working as server and client. Then after some time we went in the pool Nigel, Loky, Nathan and myself and this time Logan and some others came in too. After that we relax a bit and waited for food and then after we ate, we started working again, I started downloading NSS which i tried to install for hours, then Loky too started but he got stuck too so we stopped working on it and we tried to complete other things such as resumption for Tlslite-ng and trying to make it a server and trying it as a client on wolfssl server. After dinner and pool time,we had to do a sort of interview explaining what we did in this Hackathon then Logan and Nitin talked to us explaining that in the next Hackathon they wont be here thus we would be the ones to organise it which for us will be very challenging but we can do it as our bonds grew more and our team spirit too, so much work got done on that day and we were really proud of ourselves. Then the next day(15/07/18) which was the last day, i persevered on trying to install NSS but in vain it took too much time so we had to stop, then we went in the pool with the same people as the day before and we’ve taken pictures, filming and having fun before leaving. We talked a bit about how this Hackathon helped us to link with others and working as a team and how it was actually fun working on computers without tiring faster than at home alone. It was a helpful and fun experience to participate in a Hackathon and i look forward for the next Hackathon working again with the same team and maybe even a greater team.

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