I’m 48, and over the past weeks I have had more time to contemplate big ideas like this one — I don’t listen to music much anymore.

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To give you context, I play guitar, I have been in bands, been an executive producer for a number of albums and musicals and yet, something has happened to me.

This reality caused me to think about the thousands of adults that I have spoken to over the past 20 years of speaking and writing and counseling. Here is what I am just now concluding:

People over 40 remove music from the center of their life and replace it with news and tasks and responsibilities. …

Never in the history of the world have we been more linked together as we are in 2020. Global trade mixed with internet speeds and social media has created shared global brands, shared mediums and cultural connections. This common linkage has already led to the global halt of trade. This global pandemic is creating the ultimate cause and effect scenario for all of us whether we like it or not.

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We are experiencing a global tsunami that started in Wuhan, China in November of 2019. And just like the fan crazed waves that begin in packed sports stadiums, we could see it coming, but there is nothing that we could do about it except to accept it and participate in it like the rest of the world. …

Creating a Vision for 2020

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Without vision people will perish. Without vision (hope of what the future could be) people become hopeless.

Hopeless people allow circumstances to dictate the terms of how they live. Being dictated to creates a victim mindset which allows negativity to consume them.

Negative (hopeless) people lose influence and create negative cultures. Negative cultures are like toxic greenhouses which kill the life in people. In order to not kill the life in people it is vital that you work on your vision.

Let’s first take a subjective Vision test to see how strong your vision is.

First, do you feel like you have a Vision for 2020? …

How to Anticipate and Handle Change Well

This post was inspired by working with a leader making a transition. I hope it is helpful for you even if you are not in the midst of one.

Is it possible to anticipate change as you envision the next season of life?

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Fortunately, the answer is yes, no matter how murky the future sometimes appears. Anticipation is basically proactive thinking — preparing for what might be around the bend. This preparation causes you to be aware and ready for changes and to respond to them appropriately. …

Today, I sat and read the world’s news.

  • Venezuela is being manipulated by a dominating leader.
  • Putin is spreading his power plays from Syria into South America.
  • Scandals inside companies and with athletes.

This is nothing new. Each week shares the same issues of missed expectations in both the character and competency of leaders around the globe.

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This is precisely why Steve Cockram and I wrote the 100X Leader. Over the course of time we have found that:

  1. Most leaders want to do the right things.
  2. Most of them don’t know how to lead other people effectively because they either don’t have the tools or don’t know what to do. …

Part 5 of The 100X Leader

Read Part 1: “How Healthy Are You?”
Read Part 2: “What in the World Does 100X Mean?”
Read Part 3: “The Other Side of You”
Read Part 4: “How to Overcome Your Inhibitions”

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What moves a person today?

Is it different than yesterday? And will it be different tomorrow?

Do you know what I am asking?

I am asking what moves a person to something far beyond themselves — to act as a superhero beyond their norm.

For some it is a calling that happened in an instance or over a period of time. It is a calling to a certain field or to help a group of people or a person. If you have a calling you know what I am talking about. …

Part 4 of The 100X Leader

Read Part 1: “How Healthy Are You?”
Read Part 2: “What in the World Does 100X Mean?”
Read Part 3: “The Other Side of You”

Last week I had a conversation with a leader about why he could do something that he has told himself that cannot happen. The idea is centered on what a person can or cannot do, whether they are inhibited or prohibited.

Being prohibited is to be told you cannot do something by someone else with authority.

Being inhibited is you telling yourself that you cannot do something.

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Have you ever heard someone say, “Well I tried, but they told me that we couldn’t.” Who is “They?” Most people think they are prohibited when they are actually inhibited. A clear example of this happened when one of our teammates didn’t do something I thought we had all agreed to be done. When I asked why they didn’t finish it the answer was, “I thought you wouldn’t want us to do that.” This employee thought they were prohibited when they were actually inhibited out of fear of messing up the project. …

Part 3 of The 100X Leader

Read Part 1: “How Healthy Are You?”
Read Part 2: “What in the World Does 100X Mean?”

Every day we wake up with much on our minds. We go through our routines of hygiene to dressing to fueling our bodies with food for the day. We wake up either with a family to say goodbye to and head in to our task world that is waiting for our activity. As we arrive in to this world we pass other task workers who have experienced the same morning — consumed minds. …

Part 2 of The 100X Leader

Read Part 1: “How Healthy Are You?”

When you see the phrase 100X, what comes to mind? Many people think it means “100 times,” as in multiplying the number 100 with something else. That is close, but not fully what it means.

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100 means getting 100% healthy.

X means multiplying your health and your leadership to all those that you lead, from your family to your team members.

The issue is that there are people and leaders in our world at all levels. There are people that are:

  • 75+ They are 75% healthy and adding value to those they lead.
  • 60- These are people who are not healthy and who take away from all around them. …

Part 1 of The 100X Leader

Imagine yourself being asked to meet with someone that looked certified, like a doctor, but they weren’t. You sit down with them over coffee and they ask you this question, “How healthy are you?”

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If you are like most, you probably immediately thought about your health. You might begin to answer them saying things like, “I try to watch what I eat. Maybe I could shed a few pounds, but overall…” The specialist asks again, “How healthy are you, really?”

You then get it. He is meaning, how healthy is your life — all of it. How is your emotional intelligence? How is your physical health? How is your mental life? Spiritual? …


Jeremie Kubicek

CEO of GiANT / Author / Keynote Speaker

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