Artwork by Happy Garaje

Lollygagging through a night of stories

I spoke at Cebu’s Storytellers’ night, a small campfire gathering complete with tales of adventure surrounded by warm glowing incandescent lightbulbs and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

To my friends me and my fiancé are known for being awkward in the crosshairs of attention, we never imagined we’d share deeply personal stories to a crowd of strangers. However, contrary to our introverted temperament we were coerced by the hosts (Mark and Jo of Happy Garaje) who’s infectious love for narrative inspired us to speak.

In the end it felt like a safe space to share intimate experiences with an audience thirsty for what you have to say, a place for anyone to share their own stories without fear of judgement and most importantly a place to get a great cup of coffee.

You should definitely come and talk on the next one!

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