Meditation: Day 1 ( 12 / 30-Day Challenges)

Challenge 1 of my year of 12 / 30-Day Challenges

Jeremy Banks
Jan 3, 2018 · 2 min read

Day one in the books.

I’ve been looking forward to today for awhile now. As I outlined in my previous post:

I will be participating in 12 / 30-day challenges this year, aimed at developing 12 new daily habits.

The first habit I have chosen to practice is meditation.

I chose meditation because I feel as though it will have the biggest impact on my life.

The amount of scientific studies that have come out over the last few years, showcasing the many benefits of meditation are mind blowing (pun intended).

With meditation, I hope to gain a few lasting benefits:

  • the ability to experience more of life by spending more time in the present moment, and less time unconsciously lost in thought or distracted by technology.
  • the ability to consciously make decisions, rather than constantly just reacting to the situations that happen to us.
  • to feel less anxious throughout the day.
  • to feel more connected to everything around me.

It felt great

Getting back into meditation, I knew it would take me a good 5 or 10 minutes for my mind to slow down and get past the period where it feels like I have a thousand thoughts all bouncing around inside my head.

There were a few times where I wanted to open my eyes and “give up,” and end it earlier than I knew would be good for me.

That really is the hardest part. Because you tend to get frustrated by the fact that you can’t just turn off all of your thoughts and relax.

But I made the decision to keep going

I think that is one of the most important parts of meditation — to push past the initial hard part, where you feel like you can’t get your thoughts to stop racing.

Because most of us go through our days not realizing how distracted we truly are.

Soon after that moment, I got past that point and got to a place of pure contentment.

No real thoughts.

Just being happy in that moment.

Something that made me laugh — because I was able to be completely content and happy from just sitting on the floor in the middle of my room with my eyes closed.

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