Toby has an in-depth knowledge of agile working practices ranging from single team scrum, large scale scrum and flow based approaches such as Kanban. He has coached 100’s of leaders and teams in adopting these practices….

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Hi Boardle members

After a while with no failover promotion, we’re back to highlight the best contributors to Boardle.

Today, we want to introduce you to Toby Sinclair, passionate about Agile and Scrum. He recently created amazing templates to help others. Furthermore, you can discover some discovery templates video on his pages. You have to know him and discover his work!

First, what’s new on

We’ve made some evolution on Boardle. In particular, we have discussed with two new whiteboard platforms.

  • Milanote: “Milanote is an easy-to-use tool to organize your ideas and projects into visual boards.”
  • Draft: “Capture, explore, mobilize, and plan, in a visual and malleable document universe.” …

The number of videoconferences has risen sharply because of the pandemic. In the small world of workshops, this has changed a lot. What is the best app during your workshops? or Zoom, teams, meet? whiteboards in-app solutions? or video conference dedicated to Workshop?

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You have a workshop planned, you don’t know which videoconferencing solution to use? Here are the different solutions and the latest evolutions

Classic video conference app

You already know them well because they are often integrated into your business. For the most coprorate of you, you will often use teams, zoom, or google meet.

Zoom: the most widespread during the crisis outside large companies and start-ups. Zoom took advantage of the pandemic by positioning itself as one of the market references. Zoom has been able to impose new functionalities which then spread to other solutions. …

Why are these whiteboard apps becoming THE new way to run presentations, slides, and workshops?

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Whiteboard apps are the new PowerPoint!

10 years ago in 2010, I had just graduated from a french engineering school and I was starting my career as a consultant in a parisian consulting firm. During these years, I learned to master the art of Powerpoint: the art of getting messages across through slides! I lead an impressive number of steering committees, follow-up committees, and I had to stay up to date with the tech.

“Enough with this sheet”

The years have passed. I became a senior consultant. And strangely today I couldn’t remember the last time I opened PowerPoint! I still prepare workshops though and by dozens but now, I use Miro, Mural, Figma, Klaxoon & co. Thanks to these apps, I find my meetings to be more interactive, discussions are easier and more numerous, and the decisions are taken by the majority with the shared opinion of all! …

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Hi folks!

Like every two weeks, we introduce you a facilitator who contributes a lot and shares great workshops on

Today, we want to introduce you to Andrej Ktitarev and his Design sprint.

The Hyper sprint ON YOUTUBE

Andrej and Sylvain had a great discussion about Design sprint and Andrej’s version: Hyper sprint. You can discover the talks on Youtube.

Find below his profile and the HYPERSPRINT workshop template.

Discover Andrej Ktitarev!

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Andrej is a product designer and co-founder of Deep Work, a fully remote product design studio and expert network. Know more about Andrej

Discover his workshop!

2 challenges to solve at

Two challenges to solve on :
- How to make contributors more visible
- How to help contributors add or create more relevant content with their workshop? …

Find out the best way to organize your virtual whiteboard space in Miro, Mural, figma or Klaxoon and choose between the horizontal layout, the agenda layout, the central layout, the story layout and much more ...

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For the past decade, we’ve mostly worked with PowerPoint-kind-of tools that offer limited space: the very famous slide! When it was necessary to add new elements, there were two solutions: reduce the elements and the font size to fit everything in the slide or simply add a slide.
The information was then very sequential and vertical.

Hopefully, since a few years, lots of whiteboard applications have emerged and the Corona crisis has increased their adoption.

The virtual whiteboard thus became at the same time the presentation space but also the physical space (whiteboard, post it, …) that we all need when running meetings/workshops. …

Advice, tips, and reflex to optimize your virtual whiteboard

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2 months ago, work patterns changed all of a sudden and left us very little time to prepare ourselves for this new organization. We had to learn how to run Design Sprints remotely.

Indeed, before this crazy period, we were all familiar with running design sprints from a room with all the participants around the table. We used to work with slides, post-its, whiteboards… But from home, it gets complicated! Now we do them around a virtual whiteboard.

So how do you make a perfect whiteboard for remote design sprint?

Don’t worry, collaborative applications such as whiteboard apps help you do just that. But you have to follow some rules and tips …. …

The perfect list of guidebook, article and template, THE resource, about remote design sprint.

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Three weeks ago, Jake Knapp released his guide for remote design sprint with the help of more than 100 contributors.

Prior to that, other companies and initiatives were conducted to develop the concept. Robert Skrobe’s GVDS or Virtual Design sprint collective is a good example. The success of the GVDS V4 is obvious with more than 100 participants.

Holding an 8 hours workshop at a distance is difficult. That’s why agendas are adapted to take into account this constraint.

From 3 hours of workshops for the Deepwork Design sprint to 5 hours max, the remote design sprint proposes synchronization points and asynchronous work. …

We are glad to announce the launch of our ALPHA version! is the first Design Sprint tool that will help you to manage all your Design Sprints more efficiently.

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Hello the Design Sprint community 👋,

Guys, this is THE article we have been waiting to write you since October: the one announcing the launch of the ALPHA version 👉

After 6 months of work and user research, we finally have the first version of our tool and the good news is: It’s ready to go live!

Discover the APP 🤩 is the first Design Sprint tool that will help you to manage all your Design Sprints more efficiently. Agenda, activities, timing, notes, participants … You’ll find everything in one place! …

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💎 Introduction the design sprint list

In the beginning, there was only the classic design sprint from Jake Knapp, the 2.0 from Jonathan Courtney and the 3.0 from John Vetan

But …

Since we’ve started working on, we have spoken to a lot of experts. We realized that many of them have created their own version of Design Sprint because they wanted a customized agenda.

They were driven by different reasons :

  • a specific product
  • a technical IT architecture
  • a lack of time
  • a little investmet
  • a no Design sprint trust

For example :

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January 17th, 2020

First of all, we would like to wish you a happy new year 2020 🥳!

To start off this new year, here’s a Design sprint’s little story…

📖 Early days of Design Sprints

If we go back in time, the first design sprint to emerge was the famous one by Jake Knapp. Developed at google, it’s proven itself and Jake Knapp wrote a book on it: Sprint!

Then, variants from it, such as AJ&Smart’s design sprint 2.0 (by Jonathan Courtney), and Design sprint academy’s design sprint 3.0 (by John Vetan) were created by the very few first sprint masters. They made improvements in terms of agenda, allowing the design sprint to go from 5 to 4 days. What’s more, they became more adapted to be used within large companies. …


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