My friends hate SoundCloud iOS so I redesigned it for them

Hey Kelley, great job with this modern redesign from the high level changes down to the microinteractions. I am a power user of Soundcloud and have shared the same frustration with the iOS app, which I was actually also considering redesigning. You’ve done everything I wanted to do and more. I totally agree on the feed being something that needs to be updated and love everything you did in terms of curation and organization of content.

In terms of questions/feedback I have while going through your designs:

  1. Why did you decide to have the user’s photo take up such valuable screen space in the home page? To me, it doesn’t seem to be something that provides much value to the user especially in a music app.
  2. Is the follower count something that is important to have alongside individual songs in the feed (rather than like count/reposts)? Personally, while looking at individual songs I care less about how well known the artist is and more about how well-liked the individual song is.
  3. I like that you differentiate playlists from songs, but feel that it could be annoying to have to look from the left side to the right side before even knowing the type of content. Would it be possible to have it clear to the user what type of content it is without having to look at both sides of the screen?
  4. What data did you get, if any, to suggest that organizing content in terms of location would be valuable to users? Not suggesting that this isn’t valuable, but I am very curious.
  5. For the artist profile, the name’s orange box almost appears to be a button that I just want to click on. Is there a way to depict this without that potential confusion?

Again, tremendous job! If you’d like to chat more about Soundcloud and/or designing music apps I’m always down.

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