Did Google cripple Edge’s youtube performance?

  1. Some product manager in YouTube decided accessibility was a major initiative. Because, y’know, blind people.
  2. They wanted to add standard keypress logic to their video player.
  3. They quickly realized nope: <video/> has no such thing. (this subject probably warrants its own blog post; one major omission of the standard is, IMO, standardized accessibility across implementations)
  4. They quickly realized some browsers are heinous and you want to block their keypress handlers entirely.
  5. Some programmer found a workaround. The same one I did.
  6. Some completely separate arm of the business decided to discuss battery life. We’re talking about a company with 85,000 employees here, so this is hardly far fetched.
  1. The statement by the MSFT intern smacks of someone who too quickly attributes malice where no such accusation is appropriate.
  2. A “state of the art” rendering engine? Well, apparently it isn’t “state of the art” enough to handle a blatantly obvious test case. It can’t handle something on top of it. That isn’t “state of the art.”
  3. What precisely is wrong with positioning another HTML element on top of a video element? The whole point of the video element is: it’s a legit part of the DOM instead of some mangy <object> tag like we had prior to HTML5. It is 100% legit to put a blank div on top of the video element, or nearly any other element for that matter. Welcome to the web.
  4. Why would the already dominant browser in the market go out of their way to cripple some minor player in the field? And to cripple them on a single video streaming site (what about netflix, hulu, prime, etc.)? And knowing full well that 95% of web users honestly don’t care? The argument doesn’t pass the smell test.
  1. Edge’s WebRTC implementation sucks.
  2. Edge’s video tag implementation is a confounding factor I won’t miss.
  3. Edge lacks MediaRecorder, despite repeated requests to MSFT to implement. Ever implement a webassembly version of libvpx and libopus? I have. You know why? Edge.




There are no long moves.

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Jeremy Noring

Jeremy Noring

There are no long moves.

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