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In financial services, one of the most buzzwordy and divisive topics you can mention is Bitcoin. More generally, this refers to cryptocurrencies, types of currency that operate without any government or central bank controlling the flow information. This both worries investors and is an opportunity to be a part of a huge disruptor in financial services across the world. What I find even more fascinating though, is the tech underlying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, known as blockchain.

While this post isn’t going to delve into the specifics of blockchain and its implementation, a basic explanation is that it’s an electronic…

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Data processing has taken the world by storm. Businesses, governments, and individuals alike are waking up to the ways in which data can help them make smarter decisions, know how to negotiate with other countries, or help improve their sleep cycle. While the fields of AI and Machine Learning have and continue to bring a newfound level of understanding to our world, it’s not all roses on this path of development.

The growth of all AI and Machine Learning algorithms require the use of data, and lots of it. As the general population learns more about how their daily actions…

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I can tell you the business plans for the next 100,000 venture backed start ups in the coming decade: take existing thing, add AI, profit. Hopefully no one will be missing any underpants this time.

Americans love to work. It provides an income to support the things we love, and it gives us a reason to wake up in the morning. It gives us a sense of purpose, and many of us define ourselves by what we do. We are Sales Associates, Marketing Managers, Business Owners, Tailors, Accountants, Carpenters, Engineers, and Programmers. We spend 80,000 hours of our life working to hone our skills in our trade to show the world the value we can bring. It’s one of the reasons America has been one of the most industrious countries in history. …

Jeremy Owens

Data Scientist, trying to save the world through code. I like to focus on tech for social good, science, and getting humans to Mars.

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