Dear church people,
Anastasia Hacopian

Ugh, we humans (some of them even “christian” humans) are a mess. But in our worst spaces we sometimes shine at our best. That wasn’t supposed to rhyme, but I have felt your pain before. I do want to encourage to keep seeking community. As in dating, it takes awhile to find the “good ones.” I am lucky and have found a “good one” when it comes to church community. Man, we hash out some strong conversations and then embrace each other. I love that there are still small groups of people who are trying to live, disagree, and wrestle with the hard things. And then, still be able to hug your neighbor, booty bump, and keep on loving each other.

My evangelical church earlier this year made it clear that we would embrace, love, and include our friends and family in the LGBTQ community into our own faith community. It’s weird we even had to make a statement about it, but in this time in history we just wanted to be clear — yes, you’re a child of God, too. It has been a beautiful journey for many of us. But, for almost half of our church it was a burden they were not ready to bear. In the last 6 months we have lost about half of our members over this matter (and honestly over 1 or 2 other matters as well). But, Anastasia, I share this story with you because in this season of loss I’ve never seen people be so kind to one another. I promise you when I say that everytime we received a “goodbye email” from an ex-member it was written with such love, compassion, and sincerity. These beautiful people expressed how they just had not arrived to these conclusions in their journey yet. They wrote how much they understood “both sides” of the argument but how they needed more time and perhaps a different church space to continue this journey.

My hope is that you can see God in us once again. Maybe not now. But soon. Yes, we are broken and ugly sometimes. Sometimes even God’s kids can be buggery little brats, too.

But, it is God who we reflect nonetheless. Even in our nastiness, in the tension, in the wrestling. There he/she/it is. I hope to see you on Sunday soon. And join these beautiful little, messed up Children of God again.

Come home soon.

With as much love as I can muster for you,

A person who goes to church