(insert) GASP…….. Yeap…empathy in fact is not about you….it is about others.

Our current state:

Armed with a over acceptance of false humilaty, the internet along with the constant rush to feel good we have turned empathy into a one step process that enables us to never have to leave our living rooms.

Don’t believe me. Lets walk through a popular version of Empathy now.

Prompt: Fix a underserving community:

1. I want to change inner city Detriot, but I do not want to face the reality of interacting with the people or community.

2. Let me Google Image Detriot…allow for .53536 to kick back an edited image, (to cut through the pain of reality), to pop up on our screen and then come up with a solution.

3. Present the solution in a PREZI. Talk about the changes the solution will (not) deliever and then hang the idea up in the hall of “Awesome Ideas”

Result: We have totally manipulated and devauled what it means to be empathetic.

A new approach. Or rather empathy with authentic action. To steal a term from a freind of mine. EMPATHETIC DOING.

1. Emerse yourself in the communities you are proposing a solution to. aka GO TO THE PEOPLE AND PLACE YOU WANT TO IMPACT FIND OUT THEIR NEEDS,

2. Execute on your ideas with their best interest at the core, not yours. Ideas are nothing without execution and if they are only self serving well then you are just a prick.

3. More about us, less about you. Do not be afraid to be bigger than yourself. EXECUTE

Result: Solutions that truly are centered in….you GUESSED EMPATHETIC DOING

Hustle over Recognition, IMPACT over EVERYTHING

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