Why you should have cheat meals

The benefits, and how they assist fat loss results

Cheat meals are something that everyone who’s on a calorie-conscious diet looks forward to. A time when you can splurge on your favourite foods without feeling bad about it. Cheat meals have their share of benefits, and I’m going to go into detail about what these benefits are, and why they will help fitness and fat loss success.

Benefits of cheat meals include:

  • Better adherence to your calorie-conscious diet.

When your regular diet consists of a ritual counting of calories, it’s nice to splurge out every now and then on something that goes against it. It means that you enjoy it that much more, and it also gives you something to look forward to during the week.

Make sure though, that these cheat meals remain ‘meals’ and not ‘days’. It’s important to enjoy something that excites your taste buds, but don’t overdo it. Have a cheat meal until you’re satisfied, and don’t go overboard till being stuffed.

Being calorie-conscious also means that you’ll enjoy these cheat meals even more, compared to if you weren’t mindful of your diet. It will excite your taste buds more, simply because the cheat food that you love comes around less often with a fitness and fat loss lifestyle.

  • Flexibility with nutrition in social environments.

How often have you been a part of a social environment that involves food, where the food being served perfectly suits your diet? I know that it’s a very rare occurrence. Usually, the food that you will find at social gatherings are high-calorie, high-carbohydrate foods, which, if consumed regularly, would absolutely be detrimental to fitness and fat loss results.

However, by sticking to a calorie conscious diet, you give yourself a ‘cheat meal credit’, where if you find yourself in one of these social situations, and you just want to enjoy yourself with those around you, you can splurge without feeling bad about it.

A couple of weeks ago, at the time of writing, I found myself in one of these social situations, where the food at the dinner table mainly consisted of high-carbohydrate foods. Carbohydrate foods at night time is simply something that is not a part of my lifestyle, however, I knew that I had been calorie-conscious, and carbohydrate-conscious throughout the week, so I knew I had ‘cheat meal credit’ to use up. I enjoyed the meal without feeling bad about it, and without any negative consequences.

  • Metabolism boost.

The last benefit that I want to mention about cheat meals, is the fact that they help to boost your metabolism. The potentially negative thing about living on a calorie deficit diet is that once your body gets used to it, it plateaus and reacts by slowing down your metabolism, and a slow metabolism will not get you fat loss success!

The goal is to therefore not allow your body to get too used to the calorie deficit, and this is achieved by occasionally eating an excess amount of calories, in other words, a cheat meal. The excess amount of calories will boost your metabolism, and will prevent the plateau from occurring, leading to sustained and consistent fitness and fat loss results.

So there you have my views on the benefits of a cheat meal, now I recommend you implement a cheat meal into your diet once a week, as this will allow you to regularly benefit from these three points. On a day-to-day basis, however, make sure to be mindful of the calories that you consume, and make high-intensity exercise a part of your lifestyle. It only takes 30 minutes at a time, and will be crucial in the attainment of fitness and fat loss results.

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