I’ve got news for (some of you) people

Forgive me.

I’m a bit intoxicated.

No, not on booze.

I’m writing this piece while under the influence of Facebook news comment threads.

I’ve been reading too much of them lately.

I know I shouldn’t read them, but sometimes I can’t resist diving in and drinking up the absurdity.

These comment threads are like that container of leftovers you’ve neglected in your fridge for weeks, maybe months. You know what’s inside is REALLY bad, but sometimes you just can’t resist the urge on cleaning day to pop it open and take a whiff.

Perhaps for my own cathartic reasons, and to rid myself of this internet hangover, I must address something about these repositories of internet spoils, or rather the lost souls behind the all caps declarations and diatribes.

This is a quick message for the people who have recently been inspired to blame the media for everything in these threads.

I’ve got news for you people.

The majority of press and media are not here to confirm your opinion and personal truth.

Your perception of media bias is driven by your own bias.

Your lens is either so far skewed left or right, you can’t see down the center and have no ability whatsoever to recognize objectivity.

Perhaps it’s time to stop masking your personal failures and shortcomings with blame on a politician or political party too.

Whew. There. I’m done.

Feel free to leave your clever responses in the container below.