The fake news addiction

My addiction to coffee is so strong, I’ll still drink it when it’s burned and tastes like asphalt.

I’ll tolerate the acidic aftertaste and move on about my day, forgetting the chokehold caffeine has upon my psyche.

It’s a fix I need. I’ve got to have it.

As fake news spreads and journalists attempt to debunk bullshit articles crafted in Macedonia, I liken the yearning for fake news to an addiction.

People need a fix. They need something to validate their belief structure. When they can’t find a legit story proving Clinton is running a pedophile ring in a pizza shop in the mainstream media, they find their fix somewhere else.

Stop for a second.

How absurd does it sound Clinton is running a pedophile ring in a pizza shop?

Who believes this shit?

What is more alarming here is that the same people who believe this conspiracy will eclipse it with a “false flag” claim when confronted with the truth.

Maybe that guy who shot his gun inside the pizza shop is an actor to cover-up the truth….an actor hired by the government.

Accepting the truth would be a betrayal of the self. Nobody wants to admit they’re stupid to their Facebook friends. So it’s just easier to make a false flag claim. Save face and keep the pride rolling in an effort to convince everyone, even yourself, you’re not dumb and gullible.

This morning, as I sip my coffee, I’m not sure how the press can attain trust back from a public when a large segment of the population seeks news not to learn, but to confirm their biases.

In the end, mass media are partially responsible for the vacuum conquered by fake news.

The pandering is like caffeine, and people are looking for something stronger even if they know deep down inside they’re drinking bullshit.