Medium and Snapchat, the new brand content eldorados ?

One prefers present time, the moment, backstages, lol — the other highlights entrepreneurial thinking, ‘think out of the box “. However, these platforms are on the rise, a trend is emerging — which is increased by brands, bloggers and users.

So, should we follow the trend or watch her die by sitting at the water’s edge?

Snapchat: the backstage trend, the good moment and the right to be forgotten.

This is the third point of this title which is finally the most important. The right to be forgotten. We are increasingly aware of the consequences of our posts on Social-networks, Snapchat gives the impression to escape the rule and therefore allows more: show the moment, laugh, talk more naturally and especially for brands or bloggers — show backstage.

Formerly confined to instagram, all of this was exported to Snapchat with the rise of fake and not interesting profiles. And more with the new Instagram algorithm.

Should brands go to Snapchat to communicate ?

It all depends on their message and their tone. As said in a previous article about the speech of brand-media, a brand must find its tone of communication and therefore the channel that is appropriate. We are not talking about Finance on Snapchat. But ; Food, Beauty or Fashion will certainly have their place there! Learn the way you want to communicate and what’s your subject and so, you’ll know if you have to go on this social network, loved by so much young teenagers.

Medium : The Media where entrepreneurs speak

This phenomenon is relatively new in France, but has existed for years across the Atlantic. On Medium, you will find essentially entrepreneurial philosophy, ideas, reflections on the world, whether philosophical or business.

Finally, it is an analogue of American sites as Thoughtcatalog or Lifehacker! More and more entrepreneurs, writers and even French thinkers are beginning to be heard and new media widely finds its place in the web landscape.

What seduce french entrepreneurs there ? Probably something between social media and micro-blogging that we havn’t seen yet.

People can speak easily there.

Should brand and company go on Medium to communicate?

Once again, it depends of the way their PR, CEO or communication director wants to speak to their audience.

If you want to go just to open a new communication place, my answer will always be no. But if you have something valuable to say, for your brand or for the world, or just for 3 people around you, you have to go.

We find there more and more entrepreneurs, thinkers, communication director. Why won’t you be one of them ?

Deep trend or new ephemeral tendancy ?

For me, this trend is going to last for long. Surrounded by all this data and information, there is 2 new ways to consume information :

  • Micro-information — Twitter, Vine, Content snacking, short vidéos, Beme, Tribe : We have to use it faster and faster. Our time is valuable and we have to deal with all this social media thing day after day.
  • Long-term Journalism, books, articles : Just like Medium, sometimes we need to take time to understand a new subject.

In my humble opinion, these two ways will follow us for long.

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