Why I Joined#OmiseGO and Why You Should Join Too!

Sunrise over Curl Curl Beach, 1st January 2017 — Jeremy Lam

I joined OmiseGO nearly three months ago because I believe that the blockchain will have a profound impact in the way that people manage their finances. I believe that OmiseGO will be part of that revolution.

Now is the time to be involved in the blockchain space. The World Economic Forum and people much smarter than myself predict that 10% of the world’s GDP (gross domestic product) will be stored on a blockchain in just 10 years. Combine the blockchain with the expectation that 90% of the population will use a smartphone within 6 years, it is not difficult to imagine that finance and payments will be conducted through the smartphone in your pocket and not via a piece of plastic in your wallet.

I can say that the media attention that the OmiseGO team has attracted is not without merit. Every single person in our team is passionate and focused to bringing financial inclusion for everyone. I am excited to be collaborating with the brightest minds in the space and working with leadership with a track record of being able to deliver.

I would like to invite you to join us on this journey as we develop OmiseGO’s products. There are many ways in which you can be involved:

  1. Develop new products using the OmiseGO platform in ways that we never imagined.
  2. Use our products (when they become available!) and give us feedback on what you feel when you use the product.
  3. Join our team.

This is a very exciting time to be involved in the blockchain space. Please join us on this journey as a user, a contributor in the community or as a member of our team. I am looking forward to meeting and talking to each and every one of you!

PS: The best jobs are not listed on our web site! If you feel you have exceptional (and relevant) experience and want to change the course of human financial history, please contact us and convince us why we should hire you.


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