Pacific Crest Trail: Packing Guide For Couples

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail was a dream come true. As I handed over the reins of Conjunct Consulting to my successor, I realized that I had the opportunity for a two-month sabbatical before starting my MBA at Harvard Business School. Being big fans of Wild by Cheryl Strayed, Candice & I planned and executed a section-hike from Los Angeles to Yosemite in 2015.

For those considering hiking it in the future, we’ve prepared a short guide of how to pack, especially for those traveling in pairs or as a couple. This guide draws upon our notes, planning documents, and post-trip reflections. …

Back in May 2015, I wrote this farewell letter to the entire Conjunct Consulting family. I remember tussling that night with the conflicting emotions: confidence in my successor, nostalgia for the adventure, anxiety about the future, and hope for our community. Since then, I’ve been so glad to see the organization grow. Even more so, I’ve been so proud to see our members and alumni flourish and give back in their own ways to society. I share this message again in remembrance and with gratitude.

Dear Conjunct Consulting,

At our June 6 Annual General Meeting, I will hand over my role as President of Conjunct Consulting to pursue an MBA at Harvard Business School. My successor is Samantha Lee, a fantastic leader who has served with our organisation since the very beginning. She has always impressed me with her passion and ability, and I am 100% confident that Samantha will grow Conjunct Consulting to achieve even greater social impact. …

Mission, Friendship & Letting It Go

In our white-and-navy secondary school uniforms, my best friend and I heatedly argued, argued, and argued.

He had just shared that his life goal was to help his family and friends be happy. I narrowed my eyes and disagreed — My life goal was to help the maximum number of people around the world achieve the greatest amount of happiness possible.

He called me idealistic, I labelled him unambitious.

10 years later, we reunited in a sunny park. While we sat next to the gurgling stream with our tiny nets, I sheepishly apologised to him — Saving the world wasn’t possible. …

What was the greatest challenge you faced while building Conjunct Consulting?

When Kwok Jia-Chuan and I first set out to found Conjunct Consulting back in 2011, the key obstacle we faced was scepticism. We were looking for teammates, partners and stakeholders. We were rejected via email. We were rejected on Facebook. We were rejected via phone. We were rejected in-person. We were rejected after handshake agreements.

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People rightfully questioned us over and over again. How would the social enterprise work? Was there even demand for this? How would the business be managed? Would we ever reach critical mass? What was the financial plan? …

“You could have your old red belt back.”

The Taekwondo instructor’s statement blew me away. It was my first time back in a martial art school after 14 years. I had just finished struggling through the beginner’s class, filled with young students bearing white and yellow belts who had welcomed me with high-fives and advice. Now, she was offering to restore me to my former, senior rank.

Memories of my 7 years in Taekwondo rushed back in. Kicking at targets that my practice partner maneuvered. Watching my sweat fall onto the concrete while my knuckles burned. Sparring with black belt teachers who danced around me. …


Jeremy Au

Tackling America’s quality infant childcare shortage at Serves teams and leads missions. Hosts dinners, friends and ideas.

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