On Becoming Anti-Bernie
Robin Alperstein

To add a personal spin to the HRC vilification that you speak of, her supporters are often bullied by Bernie fans in real life.

One of the reasons that I post so many pro-Hillary articles and tag my 3–4 friends out of 500 on FB is because we’re literally the only ones doing it. The other 490 are either Sanders supporters or do not post much of anything political. We’re very much a minority on social media and among people under 30 who support her. I drive around the college town I live in with a Hillary magnet on my car and get college-aged students who will unsafely pass me to make dirty faces at me, flip me off, and/or cut me off… I get her sign stolen from my yard, the replacement one stolen, the next, etc., all the while Bernie signs remain all over town untouched. Another house that had a Hillary sign last week is now missing too. One of my friends parked his car at a college campus with an HRC bumper sticker and got his car keyed. Every day when I get to work, I remove my magnet to avoid getting my car vandalized. I teach college and refuse to discuss politics with my students, but couldn’t help intervening the other day when one of my students was being bullied by the people around her when they found out that she volunteered for HRC’s campaign in 2008. I hate feeling like I’m an evil corporate sellout just because I don’t support Bernie. This article is all the validation I need.