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Co-Founder and CEO of Wattage Inc. Former Partner at Teehan+Lax.

What are you talking about? This wasn’t a matter of “oops, we screwed up”. We lost actual money, from friends & family. We put our own money into it. We lived off tiny salaries. We spent a year trying to do something and we failed. We fucked it up and it sucks. But I figured others might learn something from our mistakes. What part of this sounds like a celebration to you?

We’re working through what we’re going to do… but yes, that’s an option

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Well, We Failed.

No, we didn’t really get any feedback about the length, tho who knows what they thought but didn’t say.

We had a number of versions of the deck, but this was simply a version with all of the slides. I didn’t often send a deck quite this lengthy.

Indeed, the business plan did evolve, but not dramatically so… I changed things as we gained more perspective on our costs and how we’d operationalize things, but that’s it.

Well, We Failed.

We set out with ambitious plans but after a year of development, we’ve run out of cash and are shutting down Wattage.


While we’re not quite ready to reveal everything, we are going to start sharing a lot more. Below is a copy of the first update we sent to our mailing list. If you’re interested in

Hello Senior Designer. We’d like you to come work with us at Wattage.

We’re making it easy for anyone to build hardware, and we need your help.

Android over iOS

I’m seeing a wave of people move from iOS to Android, and I’m curious to find out why.