I’m seeing a wave of people move from iOS to Android, and I’m curious to find out why.

I’ve noticed that a number of people I know have recently upgraded from an old iPhone to a new Android device. Usually moving from an iPhone 3Gs or iPhone 4, to a Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One or Nexus 4.

I’ve been incredibly curious to know why they made the…

Tamar Levine

With an increasingly complex array of platforms and screen resolutions, it’s time to embrace the creative capabilities of HTML5 + CSS3 and make development part of the design process.

While I’ve spent most of my days in the creative department, I actually started my career as a developer. I was 16, and having discovered the WYSIWYG editor in Netscape Navigator Gold, I had taught myself the basics of HTML. I was inexperienced and couldn’t build much, but I did…

Jeremy Bell

Founder & CEO of Mayday

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