Why 10 bans could be good for competitive League of Legends
Xing Li

I have a solution to the LCS problem of watching the same match with the same champions 2–5 times in a row. Hear me out.

Each team gets 3 bans (it can be more I guess) for the entire series. Example: TSM bans Zed, then Zed cannot be used during the entire series.

This speeds up the time between champ select and when the game starts.

Also, in order to fix the same champ from being played every game I recommend that once a champion gets selected then they can no longer be picked by either team. Example: CLG picks Bard for Game 1, Bard could no longer be picked by CLG or their opponent for the remainder of the series.

This would force players to play champs we don’t see often in the pro scene. It would reward “off-meta” picks that could throw the other team off. By game 5 we would be seeing some very interesting picks.

Just a thought though.

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