Don’t try to remember you ATM pin when you are jetlagged

This is part 2 of the on-going story of my trip to Tanzania. Be sure that you’ve read the first part of the story before reading this.

After five flights of stairs, I was finally on the top floor of the building where my apartment was. There were two doors up on the landing and I had been instructed to knock on the door numbed 27 in order to be let into the door opposite of it. I did so and then heard a few muttered words in French from the other side. Another few moments passed while I listened to some stomps and shuffling. …

Beginning the Trek to Tanzania

Rather listen to this story? I’ve narrated it and posted it on Soundcloud!

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The ceiling in Charles de Gaulle Airport

The flight to Paris had been, to put it mildly, uncomfortable. I had drawn the short straw during the boarding group lottery and thus was the lucky winner of a middle seat in a row of three. Maybe it could have been worse if I had been stuck in the dead middle of a string of five seats, but—even though I dodged that scenario—I’ve still spent the last eight hours trying to figure out ways to give my arms some relief on tiny fractions of skinny armrests.

I was sitting in between two women who were both very pretty and, for me, this made the game of finding room for my elbows even more uncomfortable. Call it left over Pentecostal guilt, if there is such a thing, but I got nervous and even a little hot in the face every time one of them brushed my arm. While I didn’t apologize for each instance that there was physical contact, for some reason, I felt like I needed to. Back when I had boarded the plane and saw how pretty both of the women were I immediately started to miss my wife. …


Jeremy Boles

Indie software developer running a tiny shop called Central Standard. I work in a camper in my backyard. I like to be on the move. 🛫✈️🛬

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