ANNA & THE SEA — Lake Como

Anna & the Sea is the solo project of Swedish based musician, Anna Lindström. And her brand new track, Lake Como, is dreamy…
Bright and delicate piano keys signal the introduction to Lake Como, the dynamic debut single from Anna Lindström, who wrote and produced the song herself.
“Thirty-five years there’s so many things, I wish I’d done with my life,” declares the artist. Her honest and sincere lyrics are testament to Anna’s strong musical identity. With airy and honeyed vocals, there’s a confidence and self-assurance that shines through.
Using the Italian lake as a utopian tool, Lindström explains that the song is about wishing she had done things differently and taken more care of herself in the past. “It is about the hard insight to never know how it might have been if I had acted differently,” she says.
Originally from a small town in Sweden, Lindström moved to Stockholm and dived head first into the music scene. From singing in numerous bands to working as a sound engineer and DJ, she truly explored all musical avenues.
Secretly however, she had been working on her own original music. Music that she now feels ready to share with the world.
Entering the studio last year with several talented musicians, Lindström began recording her debut EP, entitled Söräng. Among these musicians was none other than Peter Morén, guitarist and vocalist for indie rockers Peter Bjorn and John.
With her cinematic sound and strong melodies, Lindström is beginning to make a name for herself. And deservedly so!