LUKE UNDERHILL — I’ll be Waiting

Multi-talented singer/songwriter, Luke Underhill, patiently bided his time and is now preparing to make his mark in the pop world…
His recently released track, I’ll be Waiting, has an upbeat and melodic sound. Relying on a relatively simple pop composition, the production value of the song is top notch and sets I’ll be Waiting apart from its competitors.
A catchy acoustic guitar drives the infectious track that gets stuck in one’s head almost instantly. A track that the musician admits not seeing the potential in, until world-renowned producer Mikal Blue turned it into a fun dance song. Blue has previously worked with the likes of Jason Mraz and One Republic.
I’ll be Waiting is essentially a song about unrequited love, but with the realization that, the waiting and longing is eventually worth it. Spilling his heart out, Underhill invites the listener into his thoughts and emotions.
Hailing from Chicago, the musician shows hints of a young John Mayer, both vocally and musically. His more upbeat tracks have also seen him being compared to a young Bryan Adams. Clearly, Underhill appears to be in good company as he makes his way in the music world.
Influenced by a variety of musicians, from Gavin DeGraw to Ben Folds, the young artist has found a voice of his own. And the future sure looks bright for the talented Luke Underhill.
I’ll be Waiting can be heard on Underhill’s latest EP, The Left Side, released earlier this year.