SCOTT THORN — Watch out Wichita

Award winning singer/songwriter, Scott Thorn, showcases his introspective and direct style on the recently released track, Watch out Wichita
There’s a beautifully twangy, sliding guitar that guides the track throughout. A track that boasts wide-ranging influences from the rock, Americana and country music genres.
The relatively simple construction of Watch out Wichita allows for the vocal talents of Thorn to take center stage, and his unique style shines through perfectly.
With personal yet relatable lyricism, Thorn invites the listener into his world. Exploring themes of love and loss, regret and days gone by, the song bears the marks of the musicians much-traveled life.
Growing up around the Gulf Coast of Florida, Thorn discovered a love for music at an early age. He listened to anything from folk and blues, to country, gospel and rock.
Caught by the travel bug, Thorn left his hometown and lived in numerous places throughout America and abroad. “I dragged an acoustic guitar with me around the world a few times,” says Thorn. “I would write songs but never do anything with them.”
Luckily, he finally decided to “do something with them.” In 2016, he released his debut album entitled Ordinary Day. Watch out Wichita was picked as one of the top five Americana songs for 2016 by the Big Fat Wide Americana Radio Show.
Thorn is also an alumnus of the Acoustic Guitar Project and a member of the Songwriter’s Association of Washington.