The below tips are concluded by the experience of my friends and me. Since we all work in Hong Kong, some tricks and situations may not be suitable for other places. But the general concept can be applied to all over the world.

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In general, I did 3 things to have faster career development

  1. Understand the rules and market
  2. Pick a path that matches your strength and market needs
  3. Grow & learn yourself

Understand the rules and market

First of all, you have to know the rules of the employment market. I am not talking about the labor law nor rules and regulations, but the hidden rules and characteristics of the employment market. …

This article talks about how to allocate your assets.

For most value investors, we all agree that the current US market price is too high. However, high market valuation doesn’t mean the market will have a big fall or the price will fall down shortly. Excitement can exist in the market for a period of time, maybe a few months, a few quarters or even a few years.

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Why do value investors think the market price is too high?

You can check a lot of indexes/ indicators to make your own judgment. For me, I just simply use some general and simple indicators.

According to this website and this website. The S&P 500 index PE ratio is 25.43 and 25.74. The number is a bit different due to the lag data. …

Have you ever been occupied by tons of meetings in the company? Feeling that the meetings are very in-effective & boring? Wishing the meetings to be ended quickly? The following book review can give you some solutions!

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Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels

This is a book review of “Death by meeting”. I strongly suggest you read the book once even you finish my article. The book is not that thick but very useful. Since I am HongKonger, I read the traditional Chinese version. …

To earn money by investment, you just need to solve 3 questions. However, I believe that these 3 questions are the most difficult questions in the world. The answer to the questions varies from different people & different periods of time. Luckily, there is an answer that is suitable for most people (especially newbies) and most of the time.

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3 questions to investment

  1. What to buy
  2. When to buy
  3. How much to buy

For those who are experienced with the market & investment, you may probably have your own investment theory. You may find this article too simple too easy. However, for those who are new to the market but wish to learn investment. I am going to introduce a standard method for your starting point. Obviously, this method is not the best way to earn a lot of money but is a much more safe method to earn money. Thus, it is probably the best starting point to learn how to invest. …

The official submission guidelines

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I believe everyone should fight back for their financial freedom. We all have great aspirations. Money can be a key and tool to it. Let’s write and learn together!

The purpose of this publication

Finance & Investment is one of the most important elements in the world and our life. However, school never teaches us how to manage our money and do investment. The purpose of this publication is to promote the correct finance idea that everyone can learn, can use and can achieve. Therefore, this publication only accepts things related to maximizing long term profits. …

After I graduated and worked for a few years, the satisfaction of self-fulfillment become lower and lower. I did my job well, being promoted and earning much more money every year. Actually my career development is quite good and the quality of my life becomes better and better. But I just feel unfulfilled. Thus, I start thinking about what’s wrong with me or my life. Then I come up with the following problems and solutions.

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Image from Pixabay

Why I am not fulfilled?

You can find lots of people talking about the topic of life goals or the meaning of life. They may use many theories, like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, to explain. Yes, the theory is really awesome but it cannot improve my situation. So what’s wrong? …



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