365 Days and 106 Pounds

Last March, I put up a very cautious and curiously despondent post on my blog called “The Internet Has Spoken.” It records my reaction to the surge in traffic that took place as soon as I announced my intention to move forward with bariatric surgery. I hadn’t expected so many people to be interested in the subject. Hesitantly, I was deciding to cover what happened as I went through the process. After all, Misdirected was a gaming blog, right?

Apparently, gaming was not nearly as interesting to people as weight loss.

A Weight Off My Shoulders (And Other Places)

Now, 1 year later, there is not a gaming article to be found on Misdirected.

What are there are several hundred little glimpses into the life of a pair of bariatric surgery patients. Reading through a few of them, (I don’t have time to read them all this morning) I am struck by my tone. Kinda hopeful/kinda doubtful. Like “OMGIHOPETHISWORKS. But, here’s what I am going to do when it doesn’t work out.”

I had no experience with permanent weight loss back then. I would go through a cycle of attempting a new diet or exercise plan, losing some weight, then gaining it all back. Usually in a matter of two or three months. Eventually, I gave up. And ballooned up to 302 pounds as a result.

Twelve months after that blog post, I weigh 106 pounds less. I am in the gym 6 days out of 7, every week. Yesterday I walked to the gym, got on a treadmill for 30 minutes, then lifted weights. (Legs day. Argh.) Afterwards, I walked back home. Later, I walked the dog for 30 minutes.

12 months ago my daily exercise consisted of walking the dog for 2 tenths of a mile.

In twenty minutes.

The Magic Eight-Ball

If you had asked me to predict back then where I would be today, I would have failed miserably.

I distinctly remember telling my surgeon that my goal was to lose “around 50 pounds.” Hoping I wasn’t being too aggressive, too starry-eyed about the potential of bariatric surgery. His response: “We’ll have you weighing under 200 in a year.”

I thought he was out of his mind.

Today, 8 months out from my surgery, I try to peer into the mists and see what might be waiting for me in March of 2018. After all, my “honeymoon period” is ending, and my weight is no longer crashing through the floor like a runaway elevator.

But I am also planning on running a 5K in 2 short months. I intend to climb a 40-foot vertical wall this summer. Work continues on my Personal Trainer certification. We’re discussing hiking excursions, dance lessons, a bigger and more active dog that can run with us. (Sorry, Vixen!)

So, for next year…maybe a 10K? Maybe 185 pounds? Possibly publishing my book on bariatric surgery and lifestyle changes? It all sounds pretty implausible to me.

But, then again, so did losing 106 pounds.

If I Did It, You Can Do It,